CurateScience : feedback needed please

Curate Science needs help (more info on Curate science)

“Our mission is to develop the best transparency curation tools for the community. So we’re requesting feedback from you on the public-facing features of the platform. Please send feedback (no matter how brief/harsh) via DM, github …

Code base of Curate Science , a next-generation transparency compliance and accountability system for scientific articles. A central problem in research is determining whether reported evidence can be trusted. In science, evidence can only be trusted if it is transparently reported and has survived scrutiny from peers via follow-up replications/re-analyses. No platform, however, currently exists to verify (and track) the transparency and replication of research.

To solve this problem, we are developing curation tools that will allow researchers, journals, universities, and funders ensure that scientific articles (1) comply with the appropriate transparency standards and (2) are accountable to follow-up replication studies and re-analyses. This will create immense value for all research stakeholders (see list), which has large potential to accelerate scientific progress and applied innovations.

For more details about the platform, see:

  1. Falsifiability-informed framework that guides the design and implementation of our platform/tools.
  2. Current functionalities/features being designed and developed.
  3. Upcoming features and platform roadmap.