Implementing CRediT


I have a question which is not directly related to reproducible research but I’m not sure where to ask it. Some of you may know this:

It’s a way of encoding the contribution (analysis, writing, original ideas, …) of the authors of an article and to move progressively from authorship to contributorship (the software classification is a bit light but it still looks like a good move). Some editors (mostly in life science) are starting to provide support for this at submission time but what if I’d like to use it for a conference which does not support this kind of information yet ? Is anyone aware of a way to fill such information (JATS XML? :frowning: Emacs can do everything but come on!) and to convert it into a compact human readable form that can easily be included in a PDF ? If anyone has experience in using this, I’m also interested…



It can be very light. One example from a recent article I published:

AN and BG wrote the code, performed the experiments and the data analysis; AN, BG, TB, NR, and SB-G designed the study and co-wrote the manuscript.

This was generated automatically from a questionnaire at time of submission but authors can also write it themselves.