Participation of non-INRIA members


I’m Adrien Krähenbühl, associate professor at ICube laboratry, Strasbourg. Bertrand Kerautret, from Lyon, contacted me about about the national coordination of RR at INRIA centers with local RR contacts.

My question: Is this initiative only for the INRIA centers or can I join it as external member?

Welcome Adrien,

although the discourse forum is hosted by Inria, it is deployed at at a national scale and targets any researcher or engineer interested in reproducible research, regardless of his experience (PhD, postdoc, tenured, …). The forum welcomes research scientists from any domain as the goal is to gather as much information as possible to enable an efficient sharing of local and national initiatives as well as of know how. Anyone having or seeking for expertise is welcome and can freely subscribe to the forum!

Besides, I am trying to organize our efforts in this domain at the Inria level by making sure each Inria site has at least two official local “RR contacts” to which people can ask questions. These contacts (see our gitlab space for the list of local RR contacts) will also relay information through the forum, try to identify experts, and possibly organize events like seminars or training sessions. I will gladly obviously update this list with non-Inria sites and open this document to others if needed… In the meantime, I have just added your name as a local contact for Strasbourg but you should to discuss about this with all your other colleagues that would be interested in it.

Finally, accessing and the reproducible research forum is trivial for Inria member as we use the Inria LDAP authentication for both but we promote open science, open source, open data, etc. so everything is as open as possible. Again, anyone should feel free to contribute.



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