Recognising Open Research Practices in Hiring Policies: Modular Certification Initiative

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“Summary and aims: One potentially powerful way to normalise open research practices is to explicitly value them in hiring policies for institutional staff positions that involve research. Here, we propose a modular self-certification scheme for employers that we believe could help promote open science practices in recruitment. Our approach is modelled on the highly successful Transparency and Openness Promotion guidelines.
Signatories will self-certify the extent to which evidence of open scientific practices is weighed in the recruitment of predoctoral, postdoctoral and faculty level candidates. Signatories could be individual principal investigators, departments, institutions, or funding agencies. Before launching this scheme more widely and seeking signatories, we are seeking feedback on the proposed levels below. All critical comments are welcome, so please help us get this right!”

With thanks, Chris Chambers and Felix Schönbrodt

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