"Reproducible Research and Open Science" intervention for the "Doing a PhD, good practice and pitfalls to avoid" morning @ Inria Grenoble

Hi there,

I just gave a short introduction to Reproducible Research and Open Science this morning to new PhD students at Inria Rhone Alpes. Slides are available here:


No solution provided, just horror stories, explanations about what’s happening, and pointers to learn how to improve methodology.

I thought it may be the occasion to share a few links here as well:

Now, most of the previous references address computational aspects and leave statistics and experimental aspects aside. We listed a few interesting references in the Vers une recherche reproductible: Faire évoluer ses pratiques bibliography but I’d recommend thes two ones:


Hi Arnaud,

thanks for sharing. Very entertaining !!!

Thanks also for the bibliographic update.
I missed the NAS_2018 one…

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That’s fun because it’s in our book and I think that’s where I learnt from it in the first place. :slight_smile: Or more precisely, I think I already had been pointed to it but hadn’t found the time to read it. Anyway, this was really a crazy brainstorming experience.