Ten Years of Guix — Reproducible research and more, Paris, Sep. 16–18

We’re happy to announce a three-day conference to celebrate ten years of Guix, in Paris, Sep. 16-18 (registration is open!):


Friday, Sep. 16th is dedicated to talks about reproducible research, reproducible software environments, and high-performance computing, which are topics we care about on this forum. The program will be announced in the coming weeks.

I forgot to mention: the Friday session is pretty much a followup of the reproducible software environment workshop we’d held on-line last year for French speakers:


I’m glad to announce that we’ve just published the preliminary program!


Friday features talks from scientists and practitioners focusing on reproducible research, from bioinformatics to distributed systems and programming languages (OCaml). Some will talk about how they use Guix and other tools (Nix, Maneage) for computational reproducibility. We’ll also see how Software Heritage bridges the gap for software archival, citation, and referencing.

Hope to see you there! :slight_smile: